Whether measuring KPI’s, visualising information, or accessing detailed financial reports, SOS Connect provides law firm business intelligence and powerful tools to help business leaders gather insight and plan for the company future.

Accelerate business growth with reliable reporting

With data held within the system build dashboards and schedule reports to better understand performance and strategically grow the practice. Benefits of law firm business intelligence within SOS Connect include:

  • Monitor performance and quickly identify improvements.
  • View dashboards across departments.
  • Save time by setting up schedule.
  • Easily view financial reports and drill down into more detail.
  • View work in progress and set KPI’s

SOS Connect is designed to deliver valuable business data in secure, accessible and meaningful formats to help drive growth.

SQL Query Builder

An additional feature of SOS Connect is its powerful SQL Query Builder, enabling accurate reports to be built using any field within the system within any date range.

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