EvolveCloud: Supercharge Your Future

EvolveCloud is our native, browser based Cloud software. Launching in late 2021, EvolveCloud is fully native, employs a great new user experience and can be accessed from any device, including Apple Mac’s!

It’s all part of our Pathway to the Cloud strategy. Discover EvolveCloud below or arrange a free consultation to discuss the best steps into the Cloud for you.

Cloud Is Native Cloud

EvolveCloud is software built for the cloud, rather than adapted for the cloud. SOS offer firms a native, fully browser-based solution. Called EvolveCloud, it is native to the Cloud, fully browser based and designed to supercharge your future, helping you do business, better.

  • Immediate access to new features as they are available
  • Minimise management of servers
  • Reduce costs through containerisation
  • Fully accessible from anywhere, any time
  • Microsoft Azure guarantees 99.95% uptime
  • Accessed using any device including Apple Mac

Safe And Secure

Security of your a law firm’s data is crucial so you’ll want to be sure you own it, can access it and that it’s in a safe environment. Because we use Microsoft Azure Cloud, we ensure security and compliance for every firm.

Security patches are implemented as soon as they are available meaning no lag time between becoming available and someone having time to apply. EvolveCloud is a safe haven for your data, providing a service that protects you and your data.

Infrastructure Built To Perform

When moving to a native cloud solution, you reduce the load on your own firm to manage the maintenance of the infrastructure within your firm. It means you can focus on running your business, not the software.

With a scalable solution to meet your needs, SOS ensure the software is performing to an enhanced mode, whatever device you are accessing it from. And because we apply the necessary patches immediately, that performance is guaranteed to be maintained.


Migrating any data from your system to Cloud is generally very simple, although we know migrations can have their challenges. It’s why we provide a very clear project timeline, trial migrations and rigorous testing protocols before we are content to go live.

Having conducted hundreds of data migrations across across the globe and our detailed plans, you’ll not need to worry about being interrupted during working hours.

Limitless opportunities

Hosted and managed by PracticeEvolve (our parent company), our native Cloud option enables you to take full advantage of tech that is built for the cloud, giving you a cost effective, secure and cost friendly approach to your legal business management software

By choosing EvolveCloud from SOS you can be sure you are selecting software that will continue to evolve as your firm and your business needs grow.

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