Converse Law Scales by using SOS Connect+ for Practice Management 

When Richard Spencer and his co-founder launched Converse Law in 2015 with just one other employee, they knew that the firm wouldn’t stay small forever. Their goal was to grow to compete with the largest firms in the regionRichard’s previous experience at other UKbased law firms led him to SOS Connect+ as a practice management application that would help catapult his firm to the next rung. As a result, his company has effortlessly scaled upwards, exceeding £1 million per year turnover in a short amount of time. 

Richard Spencer, co-owner of Converse Law, takes us through his experience of working with SOS Legal and the benefits his firm is seeing as a result of using SOS Connect+. 


Project Highlights: Scaling with SOS Connect+ 

  • Easy to use with relatively little training 
  • An intuitive document management system 
  • Allows lawyers to access case-related documents anywhere, with any device 
  • Cashiering support allows expansion without hiring accounts staff 
  • Developer support results in bespoke workflow software 

About Converse Law 

Converse Law is a business law firm specialising in commercial property, commercial law and dispute resolution. Starting with just three people – myself, my wife and my co-owner Imdaad – we’ve grown gradually since 2015. We now have 13 people in our team, and we plan to continue growing. Since the outset, we’ve been using SOS Connect+ as part of our mission to be a ‘paper-lite’ law firm.  

Why SOS Connect+? 

I had used SOS Connect at two previous firms. I knew the finance director of one of those firms, which was in the Top 200 in the UK, trusted the accounting side of the software. I also liked how easy it was to save emails and documents to the DMS side of the software. 

I knew one aspect of building a successful firm would be to keep overheads at a sensible level. I knew the SOS Connect+ offered an outsourced cashiering service. I interviewed a couple of other outsourced cashier companies, but I knew SOS would be the best fit for us. 

What We Needed from a Practice Management Solution 

We wanted a solution that allowed us to increase the number of users without huge capital costs. We also wanted to outsource our day to day accounts team, to ensure we didn’t struggle with staff being off sick or on holiday. SOS was able to solve both issues, and the cost worked for us as an ambitious start-up. 

Uncovering an Amazing Growth Partner with SOS Legal 

With SOS Connect+, we found a solution that makes it easy to store documents, incoming post and emails. 

No more printing emails and no more carrying around files of papers. Instead we can access and manage our documents from anywhere in the world, allowing us to give a better service to our clients. 

SOS Legal did more for us than provide a product. They recommended a company to deal with all of our IT requirements, including hosted desktops, ensuring that our data is held securely by a company which understands SRA access requirements. SOS also created bespoke workflows which enables our lawyers to populate forms and standard emails, thus freeing up their time to focus on our clients. 

Benefits from using SOS Connect+ 

SOS Connect+ was the stand-out solution from the beginning. Hosted software, fully trained legal cashiers and all at reasonable cost. No other application suited our requirements as well as SOS Connect+, and by using it, we’ve been able to scale our business to a turnover of over £1 million per year. What’s more, the fact that SOS Connect+ charges reasonable prices and requires no additional hardware has helped us be a profitable business from day one.