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We believe that software with a service is crucial. But don’t just take our word for it, discover why our clients love SOS.

“The SOS Connect system presented an ideal solution to move the firm on in terms of a fully integrated system that was easy to use but also allowed for a high degree of in-house development. The people were professional and honest and eager to assist in showing how the system could be developed.”

Streeter Marshall, Project Lead

“While operating a client’s account, we needed the systems and policies in place to not only to meet but to exceed our legal and regulatory obligations under the SRA rules.”

Cato Solicitors, Director

“We had a demonstration of SOS Connect’s capabilities and it immediately ticked a lot of boxes, not least the fact that we would not need to deal with any more third parties, and we are now ahead of the game with a new system which is a perfect fit for our firm.”

Russel + Aitken, Managing Partner