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Customisable legal practice management software for enterprise law firms.

SOS Connect isn’t just a software; it’s a strategic partner that empowers legal professionals with the tools they need to excel. SOS Connect not only streamlines your legal practice processes but adapts to your unique needs, offering powerful automation tools and serving as a single, centralised source of vital information.

Benefits include:

  • Case, accounting, document management and CRM functionality
  • Innovative features
  • Customisation and scripting capabilities
  • Integrations
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Customer support
  • Mobile Access

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Features to strategically manage your firm

SOS Connect facilitates efficient business processes and streamlines legal practice for large law firms.

Document Management

Document Management is the cornerstone of any enterprise law firm. SOS Connect makes it easy to store, edit, locate and organise legal documents in one centralised location available to all. With files and documents held digitally in one place,  save time and effort locating information.

Case Management

Benefit from a fully centralised and customisable system. With the ability to be tailored to suit the specific needs of teams practising across multiple areas of law. Our wide range of workflow templates can be tailored to each department’s needs, ensuring the system suits every type of work precisely, whether for your commercial or private teams.

Business Intelligence

SOS Connect comes with dynamic dashboards, scheduled reporting and measurement tools customised to specific business needs and working style, helping you to actively drive efficiencies across the business.

Legal Accounting

Take advantage of our full legal accounting tools, in place to ensure your finances remain up to date, including credit control, automated billing, online transaction  requests and more.

Why law firms love SOS

SOS Connect is the chosen technology provider of over 400 leading enterprise law firms across the UK.  Supporting long-term growth and user efficiency with feature-rich software.

“The SOS Connect system presented an ideal solution to move the firm on in terms of a fully integrated system that was easy to use but also allowed for a high degree of in-house development. The people were professional and honest and eager to assist in showing how the system could be developed.”

Streeter Marshall, Project Lead

“While operating a client’s account, we needed the systems and policies in place to not only to meet but to exceed our legal and regulatory obligations under the SRA rules.”

Cato Solicitors, Director

“We had a demonstration of SOS Connect’s capabilities and it immediately ticked a lot of boxes, not least the fact that we would not need to deal with any more third parties, and we are now ahead of the game with a new system which is a perfect fit for our firm.”

Russel + Aitken, Managing Partner

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