Wansbroughs Solicitors signs up to SOS Connect

December 09, 2019

Wansbroughs Solicitors is a full-service practice with offices in Devizes and Melksham.

Partner Oliver Price said the move was motivated by the firm’s expansion ambitions in the coming years.

“This was driven by our client focus and desire to grow as a firm,” he said.

“It was quite a complex decision. Our IT team did a thorough survey of the market and we then hosted a series of demonstration exercises, whittling a dozen or so suppliers down to a core of three.

“Versatility was the key driver in the final decision and SOS Connect clearly emerged as the most suitable for our requirements among our staff, some of whom were already familiar with it.”

Graham Colbourne, managing director of SOS, said: “Wansbroughs Solicitors is ambitious to grow so the flexibility and agility which SOS Connect provides makes it the logical choice. We look forward to working with the firm on its roll-out

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