The real value of email marketing

December 06, 2019

As marketing becomes ever more important for law firms in a highly competitive environment, various advertising methods are being adopted in an attempt to attract new prospective clients. However, the vast majority of business for most law firms comes from its existing client base. 

It is therefore far more effective to concentrate on marketing legal services to existing clients rather than spending money to pursue brand new business. This is where email newsletters can prove particularly helpful.

Why are email newsletters useful?

An email newsletter performs two primary functions: ensuring that your clients remember that you exist and prompting them to consider asking you for legal advice. Bringing your clients’ attention to forthcoming legal developments which could affect them is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. 

Legal updates and firm news

A regular email newsletter is the perfect way to make your clients aware that the law is changing and to demonstrate your legal expertise and show that you are on the ball. The newsletter should explain how any changes could affect your clients, as well as encouraging them to get in touch for legal advice. It can also serve as an opportunity to advertise any news about your firm such as new members of staff or dates of business breakfasts. However, the main focus should be on legal news and how it may affect your clients.

Sending email newsletters

If you are only sending newsletters to a handful of recipients you can use your regular email client such as Outlook. Remember to address each recipient by name at the top of the email rather than just sending out a generic “Sir/Madam” version. Mailing programs such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact can help you to personalise and manage your email campaigns, as well as allowing you to view the results such as opens and click-throughs.

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