The changing case for case management

November 18, 2019

With the impact of Legal Services Act and ABS it is widely viewed that case management systems will become even more of a necessity in order to improve efficiency and lower operational costs. Those are both sensible, enduring business drivers; but what about the wider business case for investing in case management and how is this changing?

10 years ago case management was typically department led; full services firms had specific busy departments – such as conveyancing or debt recovery – where they wanted software to help deal with volume, repetitive work. Automation was heralded as the main solution but many projects failed as some vendors’ products were either oversold or staff completely resisted the new ways of working, reflecting a lack of change management.

Now when speaking to firms, all are thinking about case management for the entire business and compliance is a major factor also. A case has to be managed efficiently in every team – it is just the level to which this process is automated that is the difference between departments.

Firms are now talking about business process management (BPM) and how they will engineer the system throughout their firm. Seeing this in practice will be the next step. For instance, some firms are already restructuring their workforces to ensure the case ‘flows’ through their firm and at every step of the way there is total clarity on who is looking after and updating the client.

The threat of competition entering the market is also impacting on business drivers for case management as firms look to the future. It is the mass volume work that is being most coveted by some of the new entrants to the market. To give law firms a competitive edge, improving the client experience needs to be central along with how systems can help lawyers deliver legal services most effectively.

Check list of business drivers for case management:
Improving the client experience, delivering legal services effectively, standing out in the market, streamlining operations and efficiency across the entire firm, and of course, reducing costs and increasing income.

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