The benefits of Integrated CRM

November 18, 2019

Client relationship management (CRM) tools help you to organise, track, and manage all of your client information, activities and conversations. Although you can use a separate piece of software to handle CRM, integrating this functionality with other parts of your business systems can help to streamline your processes, increase efficiency and enhance your marketing and sales opportunities. Rather than stand-alone CRM which is solely used to retain customer information based on manual entries, integrated CRM automatically brings together an array of valuable client information so you can view it as a whole.

Harnessing the power of your client database

In terms of generating income for your law firm, one of the most lucrative sources of potential revenue is your existing client list. By understanding the requirements and aims of each and every client, you can take the opportunity of offering relevant services at the right time to bring in more work and build stronger relationships. An effectively integrated CRM system will help to boost your client knowledge by pulling information from a variety of sources, allowing you to gain maximum visibility of your current and future prospects.

The rewards of a holistic approach to law firm management

If you keep marketing activities separate from your core business, you are potentially missing out on sources of work. Linking the various strands of your legal business allows you to spot opportunities as they arise and demonstrate to clients that you are taking an active interest in their affairs, boosting your income in the short term and leading to repeat business in the long term. An effectively integrated CRM tool should provide statistics on the profitability of clients and intermediaries, and the amount of work they provide, helping you to identify any gaps which could be filled, all while operating from a single, central database.

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