Telephone Integration – The ‘Quick Win’ solution

December 06, 2019

As the legal market recovers from the recession, so too is the investment in IT returning as law firms of all sizes gear themselves up for an increasingly competitive landscape. Often this investment is put towards the implementation of new Practice and Case Management Solutions (PCMS) to streamline business processes. But although the latest PCMS systems are extremely comprehensive in terms of functionality, it’s vital that they are able to integrate with a number of other technologies and products to achieve optimal benefits. Telephone Integration is one of the most useful types of integration, which can deliver perhaps one of the best ‘quick-win’ end-user benefits in any law firm IT project.

What is Telephone Integration?

Telephone Integration can be summarised in the following scenario. Imagine that a staff member is working in their PCMS on a certain document or matter with the time logger running. Their phone rings and the receptionist puts through a call from another client about their matter. Instantly the PCMS recognises the client being put through and brings up their matter on-screen automatically, whilst pausing the current time clock for the current matter and starting a new clock for the matter relating to the incoming call. The activity code on the clock is automatically set to ‘incoming phone call’ and the user is presented with an attendance note field to record any details of the call. When the call ends, the time logger stops and posts the correct number of units to the matter and returns the user to the screen and matter they were working on before the phone call was received. The time logger then continues from when it was paused, on the reconvened matter.

Saving your firm time and money

If you consider the number of times that the above scenario occurs in the course of a working day in your law firm, you’ll recognise how Telephone Integration could effectively streamline processes, delivering an improved working experience for your staff. SOS has a whole wealth of experience when it comes to implementing Telephone Integration, so get in touch if you would like to find out how we can save your firm time and money.

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