Streeter Marshall goes live with SOS Connect

December 09, 2019

With 75 people based at offices in Croydon, Purley and Warlingham, Streeter Marshall carries out a range of work on behalf of SMEs, families and private clients.

After deciding to replace its incumbent legal software last year, the firm has now gone live with the SOS Connect practice and case management system.

Robert Peck, head of IT at Streeter Marshall, said:

“We were looking to upgrade our somewhat outdated existing software to the new product offered by our then current supplier when that software was suddenly withdrawn from the market.

“After seeking advice from our external consultant who looked at all the products available on the market, Streeter Marshall was recommended the SOS Connect system as being the best available for its needs. Following a number of meetings with SOS, we were left very impressed with the software and people and soon contracted with them.

“We were immediately impressed by SOS and have had excellent service from all of its team from day one. We have had to learn new ways of doing things and there will obviously be a settling in period, but adding the capabilities for probate and conveyancing is probably the next step on the journey."

Graham Colbourne, Managing Director of SOS said:

“It was gratifying that Streeter Marshall came to us via a third party recommendation. The whole changeover process from the firm’s legacy system has been fairly seamless which is so valuable for any law firm undergoing a change of legal software.”

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