SOS Connect+: Legal practice management software for small firms.

February 14, 2020

SOS Connect+ is the Best Legal Practice Management Solution for Small Firms 

You’ve gotten your SRA certificate and spend years gaining experience as a lawyer in a larger company. Congratulations! If you’re thinking of starting a small law firm of your own, your timing couldn’t be any better.  

Like any small business, starting a small law firm isn’t a guarantee of success. About half of all small businesses fail by their fifth year, and 20 percent of them fail during year one. What’s more, the requirements for success as a small business have changed over the years. Software, as they say, has eaten the world – which means that choosing the right practice management software for your firm is a critical factor that will influence your early viability. 

Back when you worked with a larger firm, you may have worked with and enjoyed SOS Connect, the practice and case management software that powers many of today’s powerhouse firms. Now that you’re starting your own practice, we’d like to tell you about SOS Connect+,  the premier practice management software for firms that are just starting out. 

Why is SOS Connect+ the Ultimate Choice of Legal Practice Management Software for Start-ups? 

Here are five reasons why SOS Connect+ is the best choice to help your start-up or medium sized law firm succeed: 

  1. Cloud Software Lets You Work from Anywhere: It’s 2020, which means that not all legal start-ups start in an office building. If you’re just starting out, you may want to save money by working at a shared workspace or working from home. With our cloud-based software, you can access all the details on your cases and clients from anywhere and using any device. 
  1. Cashiering Services Let You Cut Out Manual Processes: A lot of small and start-up firms cope with the workload of taxes, billing, and reimbursements by hiring part-time cashiers. What if you could get a full-time cashier as part of your practice management solution? SOS Connect+ offers a full-time legal cashiering service that helps you keep your business in order while you focus on what’s most important – your clients. 
  1. The Best Tools to Grow Your Practice: In addition to legal cashiering services, SOS Connect+ offers a load of features to help your business excel. We’re talking about document management services that keep client data at your fingertips, CRM systems that keep your contacts organised, and marketing software that lets you reach out to new customers. It’s all secure, it’s all compliant, and it all comes with SOS Connect+. 
  1. Validate Your Success: You know that you’re good at your job – but if you can quantify that knowledge, you’ll be even better. SOS Connect+ offers built-in analytics tools that let you monitor your financials, understand your best sources of income and profit, and then capitalise on areas where you’re most successful. This knowledge isn’t just good for its own sake – it can help you obtain investors that will help you grow your firm to even greater heights. 
  1. Ongoing Support, Training, and Maintenance: You’re a lawyer, not an IT guy – and if you’re just starting out, you may not be able to afford an IT guy yet anyway. In the meantime, SOS Connect+ offers world class support and maintenance to help you keep your client data organised, functional, and secure. Our additional training modules let you become a power user, able to unlock the maximum potential of your software. What’s more, we’re always adding features based on user feedback. In short, as you grow your company, your practice management software will grow alongside it. 

Try SOS Connect+ Today! 

Not every new legal practice makes it out in the real world, but with SOS Connect+, you’ll have more than a fighting chance. Our software is designed to be the perfect fit for a start-up, allowing lawyers to effortlessly manager their practice, their finances, their customers, and their critical data. This leaves you free to concentrate on what matters most. Whether you’re aiming to remain a boutique firm or grow into a titan of the industry, SOS Connect+ is a flexible product that can grow alongside you. Download our eBook today 


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