Is it time for a new legal practice management solution?

February 14, 2020

Is it Time to Change Your Legal Practice Management Solution?

Startup law firms don’t have the same software requirements as incumbents, and they have some requirements that bigger firms don’t. For example, smaller means fewer personnel. A large firm may have an accounting department. As a smaller firm, you may be performing data entry using manual processes, or hiring a part-time cashier. With the right legal practice management solution, you may be able to substantially automate your accounting, saving your biggest fee earners from doing data entry and giving them more time to win cases. 

Your problem, however, isn’t that you need more tools – you always need more tools, because you’re always growing. Your problem is that you don’t know exactly when a new management tool will become necessary. If you make a purchase too soon, you’ll be paying for features that you don’t need. If you get one too late, your growth will have suffered, and inefficient practices may become entrenched within your organisation. 

When is the Right Time for a New Legal Practice Management Solution? 

In our experience, if you find yourself in one of the three situations below, it may be time for you to find a new legal practice management solution. Here’s what you need to look out for. 

  1. You're a start-up with financial backing – If you have investors, that means you’ve proven that you have talent and organisation worthy of support. In order to satisfy your investors, you need to grow as fast as possible. You can use your investment dollars to hire new talent, but if you have investment, it’s worth remembering that you and your fellow attorneys have already proven their worth. If you can find software that acts as a force multiplier for your existing team, you can grow that much faster without involving the effort and expense of a hiring process.
  2. You're using a mix of tools and a part-time cashier in need of augmented services or support – Some law firms need a catalyst to grow – and sometimes that catalyst is software. The right legal practice management solution offers a way for you to grow your practice by improving client relationships, making it easy to manage documents, and reducing manual effort that’s not directly related to the practice of law. 
  3. You've simply outgrown your current system – if this is you, congratulations! You’re growing so fast that your current systems and software no longer support your rate of growth. If you want to keep it up, you’re going to need new options – fast. With that said, your ideal mix of software is now a moving target. If the features that you have no longer support you, how long is your new software platform going to last? 

If you find yourself in any of the situations above, it’s definitely time to find new software for your law firm. The question now becomes which features your firm needs to embrace. Although 83 percent of UK law firms employ less than 20 people, a growing firm may quickly exceed that. No matter what, you’ll need a trusted system from an established provider with a proven track record, that comes with legal cashiering, compliance and data protection built in – but you’ll also need a system that’s designed to grow alongside your organisation.  

SOS Connect+ Is the Ideal Solutions for Growing Law Firms 

SOS Connect+ offers a scalable cloud-based legal practice management software solution that can help small law firms grow. Instead of hiring a cashier part-time, our full-time cashiers can handle all of your legal accounts. Instead of performing manual tasks, you can automate time recording, document management, and compliance. Instead of compiling reports, you can use our built-in financial analytics tools to validate your profitability to your investors. 

Here at SOS Legal, we believe that Connect+ isn’t just a tool you use – it’s literally a part of your firm. What that means is that you don’t just get our solution. Instead, you get training, support, and maintenance, plus ongoing development that’s tailored to your goals as a firm. When your growing firm works with SOS Connect+, the growth never stops – book a demo to learn more! 


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