Ipswich firm sitting pretty with SOS Connect

December 09, 2019

After several years the practice, which works across the full range of commercial and personal law, has replaced its incumbent system with SOS Connect.

“We had been with our previous suppliers for several years and looked at an upgrade with them, as well as seeing what some of their competitors could offer,” says CEO Ian Carr.

"We decided to adopt SOS Connect mainly because it was a well-established, prudent product with a proven track record. In addition, as a firm we are looking to drive our efficiency in the coming years, and SOS Connect will help us to do that.

“The level of support, security and knowledge provided by the SOS team so far is very, very good and we are now in the process of rolling out the second phase, which involves the probate and litigation modules.”

Graham Colbourne, managing director of SOS, said: “Like other ambitious mid-tier law firms, Prettys Solicitors has opted for SOS Connect in the knowledge that it is sufficiently flexible and agile to be able to grow and adapt according to its evolving requirements.”

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