How can text messaging can boost your law firm's customer satisfaction rating?

December 09, 2019

Law firms can receive customer complaints just like many other businesses operating in other sectors. However, what sets law firms apart is their customer complaints are more likely to be linked to poor communication, rather than inadequate legal products, advice or services.

Many law firms (especially larger ones) don’t often win praise when it comes to providing clients with regular case updates. And matters can be made worse if clients have to call the law firm for updates – especially if the person handling the case is unavailable.

Failing to keep your clients updated can give rise to accusations of poor customer service, and even that the client or their case is not important to your law firm. So, why aren’t more law firms better at updating their clients?

Well, it takes time, especially when you’re dealing with a large number of cases and customers. And, of course, time means money, so it increases costs for law firms, while adding to the workloads of staff who could be doing other things. And it can be very hit and miss. You won’t always be able to speak to a client when you call. More time and money wasted.

Joys of text

The humble (but highly effective) SMS text message can provide a win-win solution. Many of us lead busy lives and often we’re on the move, but we’re seldom far from our mobile phones. And rather than having to answer calls, which might not be possibleor convenient, we can read texts quickly when we choose.

People like texts. They’re unobtrusive, more direct and more convenient. Many businesses in other sectors already use texts to update their customers, while doctors, dentists, vets, garages, restaurants and others use texts to remind patients and customers about appointments and bookings.

Now when you report a fault to a telecoms provider you’re likely to receive acknowledgement by text, with subsequent text messages confirming when an engineer will turn up (appointments can also even be rearranged by text). This is what good customer service looks like. This is what clients increasingly expect. We appreciate being updated. It makes us feel valued. We’re not left not knowing.

Text appeal

Text messaging offers a low-cost solution for law firms wanting to keep customers regularly updated. And it can easily be built into the process, because modern legal software can automatically create and send a text summary of an email (nothing confidential or sensitive, of course). How does that work in practice? Say, for example, your firm is providing conveyancing services; your client receives a text confirming completion as soon as it goes through so they can go and collect the keys to their new property.

And law firms often ask clients to provide ID before acting for them. A text reminder of this and the appointment time and date will be appreciated – especially if it means the client doesn’t forget and doesn’t have to come all the way back another time.

With text messaging offering so many cost savings and numerous other benefits, it’s surprising that still so few law firms use it to boost their customer service and client satisfaction rates.

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