Client collaboration over the web

November 18, 2019

Efficiency gains through client collaboration over the web

The legal process is becoming increasingly web-based, with many crucial documents and forms moving online. Over the last few years this has led to considerable amounts of time being wasted through data entry, where clients submit paper documents to their solicitors who, in turn, need to get transfer the data to the relevant online form. Not only does this slow down the whole process but it also heightens the possibility of mistakes and typos. Introducing an element of client collaboration so that clients can directly input information and complete online forms themselves can lead to dramatic gains in terms of efficiency, accuracy and also reduction of administration costs for you firm.

Keeping clients in the loop

Technology has increased expectations of customers to be updated on every stage of their transactions. Whilst this may sound more applicable to online shopping, the same applies to your clients. They are accustomed to being kept in the loop in other parts of their lives so their legal affairs are no different. Ensuring that you have a secure client login area where the current progress of each case is clearly documented will improve your credentials as a forward-thinking and technologically capable firm. It also means that any potential issues are more likely to be spotted early on, improving overall case management.

A more streamlined approach

Aside from managing the progress of a case, web based collaboration can include a variety of functions where effectively capturing information submitted online is required. This may involve a client updating their own details so these are automatically reflected in your CRM database, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information. The billing procedure can also be handled online, from providing any initial quotations right through to allowing clients to pay their bills. Getting your various systems online will lead to a more joined-up process and reduce time spent on form-filling.

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