Legal case and practice management solutions

Legal case and practice management solutions

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SOS Connect

Comprehensive, agile software and services customised to support modern mid-tier law firms.

SOS Connect+

Cloud-based, scalable software plus cashiering services for entrepreneurial law firms.

Our flagship solution SOS Connect has been helping larger law firms achieve consistent profitability since 1987.

We developed SOS Connect specifically to meet the needs and aspirations of legal business leaders and have continued to renew our software and services in line with changing market demands.


SOS Connect+ offers entrepreneurial law firms a flexible, serviced solution that will grow with them.

SOS Connect+ empowers lawyers establishing their first practice with exceptional case and practice management, plus included cashiering services, enabling them to focus on case work.

Powerful Legal Practice Management


Practice Management

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Accounts & Billing OFR
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Documents & Emails

Essential day-to-day business processes run securely and efficiently via a highly intuitive platform.

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Case Management

  • Customisable to Areas of Law
  • Flexible Format & Documents
  • Familiar as Microsoft Outlook
  • Client Self-service Tools

Advanced tools create frictionless working including integrated, secure file sharing and single pane of glass reporting.

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Legal Practice Analytics

  • Detailed KPI Reports
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Advanced Financial Reports
Stay informed of business performance with advanced dashboards and flexible reporting solutions.
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CRM, Marketing & Customer Service

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Client History Data
  • Mobile App, Email & SMS
  • Marketing Tools
Build strong client relationships and grow your client base with transparent data access and easy-to-use communication tools.
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Client testimonials

“Connect has been vital to workers who are currently stuck in their homes during the Covid-19 lock downs. Without the ability to walk over to another person’s desk and check on their work, a centralized case management system is essential. We’re impressed by how quickly SOS was able to implement our urgent priorities during this time.”

Joanne Mercer

Case Management System Developer, Davis Blank Furniss

"We think that you provide an excellent service, and Hilary has been doing some sterling work for us recently, providing us with information to complete the accounts and the application for the renewal of our indemnity insurance"

Angela Lever

Partner, Lever & Co. Solicitors

“The SOS Connect+ Solution has been invaluable to this firm since our inception. It enables us to compete on a level playing field with much larger firms. The ease of document creation and storage is excellent and the remote accounting support is fast and friendly, saving us the need to employ our own bookkeeping staff. I cannot recommend SOS Legal enough to anyone running or thinking of starting a small legal practice.”

Ian Hodgkinson

Owner, Hodgkinson Legal


“SOS Legal have set a very high bar for any other vendor. ”


Dan Bell

Head of IT, Chadwick Lawrence

"SOS Connect ticked all our boxes and it was evident that it could be moulded to suit us. It wasn’t all about a ‘hard sell’ … the presentations by SOS and the communication with us was all about meeting our needs and not about how many licences they could get out of us … The support team is superb."

Clive Meredith

Practice Manager, Wollen Michelmore

"We had a demonstration of SOS Connect’s capabilities and it immediately ticked a lot of boxes, not least the fact that we would not need to deal with any more third parties, and we are now ahead of the game with a new system which is a perfect fit for our firm."

Karen McLachlan

Managing Partner, Russel + Aitken

"The SOS Connect system presented an ideal solution to move the firm on in terms of a fully integrated system that was easy to use but also allowed for a high degree of in-house development. The people were professional and honest and eager to assist in showing how the system could be developed."

Project Lead

Streeter Marshall

"One needs to be able to count on one’s infrastructure providers to be an asset rather than a liability. SOS have been a major asset from the very beginning and continue to be so."

Tim Summers

Partner, Temple Bright

"SOS Connect+ was the stand-out solution from the beginning. Hosted software, fully trained legal cashiers and all at a reasonable cost."

Richard Spencer

Co-Owner, Converse Law

“If you’re thinking about purchasing SOS Connect+, let me help you make that decision for you: I will literally shout its praises from the rooftops. It is easy to use, its support staff are phenomenally professional, and its features are incredibly polished.”

Peter Felton

Owner, Felton's Law



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