Time recording & billing

Despite the changing landscape, time recording is still currently an important day-to-day activity for most, yet fee earners within some firms still often consider it a chore.

SOS software is highly intuitive and very simple to use, making time recording quick and accurate. It can be activated at any time, with a single mouse click, wherever the user is within the system. Or it can be triggered automatically for tasks such as email management and document production.

Time recording can also operate transparently behind the scenes. So for example, work on fixed-fee conveyancing can be recorded for management purposes, to ascertain its true value to your firm.

SOS Connect's time recording can be integrated with modern (ie digital) telephone systems, meaning that upon receipt of an incoming call, SOS Connect will identify the caller and automatically start the time logger running and post time to the relevant matter at the end of the call.

The outstanding simplicity of the system encourages all users to record their billable time every day, and check it against their target (displayed onscreen), ensuring your firm realises its full income potential.