Technical specification

SOS system specifications

SOS System Specifications - 2017.

The following is intended to provide users and prospects guidelines on hardware requirements for SOS Connect implementations and is based on the most current release of SOS Connect (5_17_23)

When selecting your hardware solution, Solicitors Own Software recommend that consideration be given to firstly (and most importantly) the availability of good maintenance and support and secondly, the ability to upgrade without penalties.

1. Servers


Please note that Microsoft Small Business Server is not detailed here as it is not supported by Progress however running SBS premium and running an additional 2008 r2 server to run as an SOS Connect Appserver is supported.

Windows 2003/2008/2012 R2* Database Only Server Recommended
Memory requirements 4096mb base
15mb per user
Disk requirements 36gb system disk
72gb app disk 
Users per processor 50
Users per hyper-threaded processor 75-100
Internet explorer version Current
Service pack level Current


* Note re 64 Bit: We can offer a 64 bit server side database and application server only. Any client application will still run as a 32 bit application.

2. PC Specification

GUI Application Users
Please note that any Microsoft Operating System and Office Requirements take precedence over these figures.

Component Recommended
Processor i3 equivalent
Memory 4096mb
Disk 8gb
O/S Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


* Note re 64 Bit: While SOS Connect has been tested and is certified against the 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, XP and windows 7, currently the system will only run as a 32-bit application.

3. Client Network Bandwidths

The following figures are to be used as very approximate guidelines and are subject to continual review following continued testing/validation by SOS.

Type Recommended
Non-thin client 64Kbs per user
Thin client 25Kbs per user

Please note if you have a different upload and download bandwidths e.g. 2mb download with 256k upload, it will be necessary to ensure that the relevant bandwidth is available where the biggest constraint applies (in this case 256k).

In addition to the bandwidths we recommend you check the latency on the lines as this can greatly effect performance.

4. Third Party Software Considerations

We have detailed below the major considerations and SOS recommendations regarding the provision of 3rd party software that Practice Manager links to. This is not an exhaustive list and any queries regarding any other software should be addressed to SOS.

Thin client and Virtualisation solutions

SOS is tested and fully supports the SOS Connect product against Citrix, Terminal services and virtualisation solutions.

SOS has a number of clients running on Citrix, Terminal services and virtualisations.

Microsoft Cluster Server

Progress 11.5 is supported against Microsoft Cluster Manager MSCS v1.2 Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition.

SOS recommends the following:

  1. Minimum Service Pack 3
  2. Progress will be installed onto the local drive of each cluster node
  3. Each Database should have its own dedicated physical disk resource to ensure the database is not failed over as a result of another cluster group sharing the disk resource failing over.

Microsoft Office

The SOS Connect Outlook add-in is tested against Outlook 2007, 2010 2013 & 2016.


SOS Connect links to 9.7.1 Build 09

Oyez Forms

SOS Connect links to version 10.02J


SOS Connect links to version