SOS Connect legal software

SOS Connect legal software covers the entire business process needs of the modern, progressive law firm.

Workflow case management; practice management; CRM and marketing; business process management; matter management; document and email management; KPIs and reporting; time recording, billing and legal accounts.

To support flexible and remote working, lawyers can access SOS Connect in the office, at home or on the move enabling your fee earners to work whenever and wherever they need to.

Fee earners and support staff don’t need to leave Microsoft Outlook to access any part of the SOS system as it forms an integral part of the Microsoft Outlook screen. Users can work in a totally familiar and comfortable environment.

SOS Connect is typically suited to mid-sized law firms or ABSs in the UK with between 30 to 300 members of staff. SOS also supports smaller legal businesses with our Virtual Practices solution.

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