Are you a boutique or smaller law firm?

In the wake of the Legal Services Act and ABS, the entry of new players into the legal services market puts a premium on the client experience - and on how your firm's systems can best deliver legal services.

Choose between the Virtual Practices software from SOS, or our flagship SOS Connect system, depending on your size, strategy and stage in the growth cycle.

How can legal software reduce overheads for smaller firms?

For smaller firms costs can be reduced with matter management by making solicitors more self-sufficient thus reducing their reliance on support staff and challenging the outdated 1:1 ratio of fee earner to secretary. By automating repetitive activity, lawyers can also increase their productivity and enjoy more rewarding and profitable work.

SOS works with an increasing number of specialist, boutique law firms

In response to the rapidly changing market conditions you may have opted to specialise in one area of the law, in which case, SOS can underpin your processes so that you can better stand out from the competition.

The bottom line is that we understand that in order to compete, your firm's processes need to be streamlined as possible so that fee earners' valuable time is freed up - and costs driven down.