9. Product development

SOS software continuously evolves to meet the changing needs of our clients and the legal sector. The SOS product development team pride themselves on delivering user-friendly, quality-assured, effective software.

SOS has been a specialist, progressive legal software house for 25 years. Our mission is to help forward-thinking law firms innovate and evolve in changing legal market. Our technology is developed with this in mind and we stand-out for being highly relevant to all legal businesses in the ABS era.

Our experienced development team includes QA testers, .NET developers, web programmers, legal accounts developers and data conversion specialists.  

Regular SOS software releases contain new features, fixes and enhancements.

SOS software development is driven by client requests, as well as changes in technology and in the legal sector. Quality assurance is well resourced at SOS. We issue regular, well tested updates that come with full release notes that clearly explain all changes. Clients can request enhancements to the software, which are considered for our product development roadmap.

SOS software integrates with a wide range of specialist legal software apps.

Linking with third party software is not a problem for SOS developers. SOS has long integrated with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word and Excel), digital dictation, document generation, telephone software, social media and more.