Legal IT in ABS era

What can law firms do differently to compete and succeed in the new legal landscape? It’s a business critical conversation...

Undoubtedly, changes caused by the Legal Services Act (LSA) will diversify the profession forever. To compete with the array of new entrants to the legal arena, law firms need to drive down costs, review pricing models, and deliver a consistent and improved client service.

Indeed progressive firms have been preparing for Alternative Business Structures (ABS). These SOS clients and associates have particularly interesting stories to tell where IT has been central.

Law firm success in the ABS era 

These videos, case studies and infographics share expert voices to help you plan your success and evaluate the role of IT.

The SRA’s Outcome Focused Regulations (OFR) should give legal businesses the framework to deliver best practice. Improving client service and business performance has long been the focus for the above SOS clients.

Change is inevitable - legal IT will be central

SOS believes that progressive legal businesses that are prepared to change, take a risk management approach and strategically use the resources available of people and IT are better placed to succeed.