Are you a larger or mid-tier law firm?

SOS has supported law firms like yours with their legal software for 25 years, from Top 200 and City-based organisations through to large and mid-tier provincial firms.

In this climate the drive for optimum efficiency and productivity is paramount, and many firms will be looking at either re-inventing themselves or else exploring mergers and acquisitions.

SOS forecast there will be increasing numbers of mergers in the mid tier.

Whether through merger or acquisition, law firms can suddenly find themselves doubled in size overnight.

This requires a supplier whom they can have complete faith in them being able to deliver the project as planned. SOS has been providing sophisticated, full data conversions for 25 years, including complex multi-system amalgamations of previously separate systems.

SOS Connect is ideally designed for progressive law firms with around
30 to 300 members of staff.

If your firm is planning major growth or change, our rapid deployment programme, flexible licensing terms and scalable solutions can support even the most ambitious of strategies.

However you are adapting to the challenges of the new legal environment, our teams of project managers, data conversion specialists and workflow consultants will work with you to ensure a smooth transition.