Are you an alternative business structure (ABS)?

The new-look legal landscape is creating increased competition and a new breed of well-managed, commercially-driven legal businesses which are looking to differentiate themselves.

SOS Connect is the perfect legal software solution for Alternative Business Structures (ABS), as it can be adapted to suit your needs. You could be a traditional type of law firm which is redefining itself, or else perhaps one of the variety of differently structured commercial organisations which are entering the market.

Whichever route you choose, you will need efficient, agile IT and a software supplier which understands business process management (BPM) as you navigate this rigorous process.

SOS Connect is the complete BPM tool for law firms. Increasingly, legal businesses are using SOS Connect to manage all of their operational activity, using BPM to unite their legal accounts and case management functions, and delivering business performance insights to provide a seamless client journey across the firm.